Sunday, March 22, 2015

MLB.TV Premium

Opening Night is a mere two weeks away and a lot of baseball fans around the country including yours truly are very excited. I can't wait to see the Boys of Summer all season long. I am looking forward to attending a few ball games at Citi Field too. I'm a Queens boy raised as a Mets fan, though I think of myself as a baseball fan first. If you're a baseball fan you got to have an subscription to watch live baseball online. It's not free, but definitely worth the price because you can stream almost any MLB games with 

The Premium subscription is $129.99 and it includes the At Bat app. 

You also get home and away broadcasts. If you have a favorite announcer this is perfect. For me, I'm a huge Vin Scully fan. (He's returning for his 66th season in the Dodgers booth. God bless him.) You learn a lot from your TV announcers. produced The MLB Local TV Announcer Rankings last year and if you're interested (and I know you are) you can see it here

Another huge benefit to having Premium subscription is that it supports over 400 devices from Xbox 360 to Chromecast to Roku. It's rather ideal if you want to watch out of market MLB games on your favorite devices. 

For more information you can visit I hope you enjoy the upcoming baseball season and let's play ball!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getting Paid to Learn

I've been fortunate to have learned from one of the best mentors on Earth. Anyone in the free world can learn from the best in anything in the digital age. Go to Youtube and watch some videos on how to do something. Go to the public library and borrow a book and begin to read and learn. They say that reading is fundamental and that knowledge is power. I believe that in every ounce of my body. There's no right or wrong way to learn. Either you are learning or you're not. That's why it's important to read books, absorb knowledge, and grow more successful everyday. 

I've been working in a call center since forever. I learn something new each day about myself and others. Right now I work as a Customer Service and Sales Rep, and like every employee on some days I'm tired and on other days I'm enthusiastic. I always remind myself once in a while that I'm being paid to learn. That's something I picked up from Mark Cuban. In the book How to Win at the Sport of Business he said that if you find yourself in a job you don't like, the thing to do was to continue your education. He did not mean go back to school but that you should treat your job as getting paid to learn!   

Let's all go out and learn and paid for it!

P.S I think college education is great. I am not dismissing a college education. I went back to get my Master's and I'm proud that I have earned such a distinguished degree. Not only that my parents are super proud and that's a feeling money cannot buy. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Duolingo Review

This month I found out about and boy am I glad! It's a free foreign language learning site and app that you can learn in just ten minutes per day. Let me tell you I am hooked. If you have ever wanted to learn another language but don't think you have the time or money, well, you've run out of excuses! 

Personally, I've been using for a little bit over two weeks now and I've made a lot of progress in learning Spanish. I've been learning Spanish since the 5th grade and even took a college level Spanish course. But I've stopped studying Spanish over 10 years ago. The human mind is amazing though and I using the app has refreshed my memory of Spanish. I've managed to reach level 8 in Spanish on Duolingo by just putting in maybe 10-20 minutes per day the past two weeks. 

Since relearning Spanish on Duolingo I've become a little bored and wanted to try other languages such as French and Swedish. I attempted to learn French about 7 years ago after I got back from my Paris trip. I studied French for about a month and then I guess I got bored and stopped. In just three days I've reached level 2 on French and Swedish. However, because of my previous self study with French I expect to progress much faster in French than in Swedish. 

So yeah, by next year I hope to be conversational at least in Spanish, French, and Swedish. If I can do that I am going to reward myself by going to Sweden. And I definitely want to visit Spain and France again. In the mean time you can see all the progress I've made and follow me on


Friday, January 2, 2015

Learning Thai

Happy New Year! Today's post is about my reasons for learning Thai but first a little background. 

I am bilingual and I consider myself to be conversational in Thai because of my early upbringing in Thailand. However, I am kind of ashamed to admit this but I did not know how to read Thai until last month even though my parents are both Thai and I was born in Thailand. I am a red blooded Thai American and I think part of understanding who you are is understanding where you came from. 

For the past few weeks I've been learning how to read Thai. At first, I learned the Thai alphabet (well, actually Thai letters since there are no ABCs in Thai) and had fun memorizing the letters. I'm at a point now where I can recognize all the letters in the Thai "alphabet" and read basic sentences. I'm loving the progress I've made and look forward to being able to read Thai novels later on this year. It's going to take hours upon hours of endless study but I believe it's going to all be worth it.

I have a Thai/English translation website,, that honestly has not made a sale yet. I started the site with the intention of getting it off the ground at first. It's still up because I know very smart bilingual people who can translate from Thai to English and English to Thai. Learning how to read Thai is important to me because in the near future, I hope to take over as one of the translators. For now I'm just the salesman and middleman that facilitates those transactions. So if you're reading this and you're in need of a quality, inexpensive translation please contact me. 

Another reason I am learning Thai is the fact that I want to be involved with the Thai financial markets. It's been a dream of mine spanning several years now. I started a blog back in 2008 called 'Thai Stock Investor',,  and it's still active, though it hasn't been updated in forever. The goal of that blog is to show to potential companies, clients, and employers that I have an keen awareness and strong interest in the Thai stock market. 

So as you can see I have strong motives to learn how to read Thai. I like Thai. It's a beautiful, tonal language despite my other reasons to learn it. I should've learned it a long, long time ago. I'm glad I started learning Thai again.