Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The only way to get better at writing is to write. I am writing everyday to perfect my craft. What is my craft? It's sports writing. I grew up loving sports because of my mom and I want to be a writer because of my dad so naturally I want to be a Sports Writer. It is going to be a long and tough journey and that's ok. I just got to keep chipping away at it. Sports writing is a hobby right now that I am passionate about that I don't mind working hard at. The way to get better is learning from my mistakes. I know I am making mistakes constantly and realizing that it's ok is part of the process. I am growing and developing as a writer. I want to learn from the best writers so that I can be the best sports writer I can be. It would be nice to make a living at this. I want to realistically read three books per week. And write three hours for each book read. Writing keeps my thoughts from being stuck inside my head. Writing gives me an opportunity to verbalize my feelings and thoughts. Finally, writing forces me to form opinions. I think well thought out opinions make great content. All good sports writers have well formed opinions. They are objective because they have to be but I believe that all good writers have opinions. The writers starting out don't necessary have opinions until they have had the experience. Writing for three hours can seem like s long time. As long as thoughts pour out and ideas continue to flow I am accomplishing what I set out to do. Writing such as free writing doesn't have to any good. Free writing is a workout for the brain. It's something that's natural as breathing. There are no such thing as a good breath in or out. The only thing that counts is your breathing. Unless that is you're doing Yoga and their are specific set of rules and objectives you want to aim for. I know I shouldn't write with prepositions at the end. I continue to write that way with prepositions at the end because I am used to it. It's a bad habit which can easily be kicked. Writing offers me that opportunity to kick that habit. It's good practice that I really need. Though writing with perfect grammar is not the goal here. The goal is to write as much as humanly possible to get to where I can free write where I don't make any grammar mistakes. Writing is going to take a lifetime to master. It's a process that I'm looking forward. What I like about writing is you can see the finished work. For those like me who cannot draw or create anything like music or art, writing offers the next closest thing to a creative endeavor. Writing is a teacher that helps you collect your thoughts and sometimes your thoughts deserve to be kept to yourself. Writing can be a tough assignment if you are not honest and open. If you care about what others think then you will pick and choose your words carefully. Sometimes, you'll be at a lost for words. At other times you won't be. As long as you're open and honest (which means you don't use the delete or backspace button) you're going to learn a lot.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Russell Wilson

Being new to the Seattle, Washington area, I watched all of the Seahawks' 2012 preseason games on NFL Game Pass. Russell Wilson is amazing right from the start of preseason. You could see flashes of brilliance in those first preseason games. The mobility and elusiveness combined with the poise of a season veteran. The accurately thrown balls that zip ten to fifteen yards across the field into the wide receivers' hands. The flawless routine handoffs to his running backs. Russell Wilson did it all and  thoroughly outplayed Matt Flynn that preseason. Wilson began the climb to back to back Super Bowl appearances and the rest is history. This past month, Wilson was handsomely rewarded in the form of a contract extension that is worth $22 million a year!

NFL Game Pass

I recently signed for NFL Game Pass to catch the live NFL preseason games online. After I had signed up I immediately tuned in to watch the Eagles/Colts game that had Tim Tebow rush for a touchdown on Sunday. I have the 7 day free trial and have made up my mind to keep it for the season. It's $99 to be able to watch live preseason games as well as old archived games from the past few years. It's a little pricey for something that doesn't have live games in comparison to the other major sports packages like MLB, NBA, and the NHL.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Preseason or Playoffs?

The Seahawks played the Broncos last night. They lost the game 22-20 in front of their adoring fans that numbered up to almost 67,000 strong. The 12s enthusiasm and intensity made a meaningless preseason game inside CenturyLink seem like the playoffs. What happened last night won't mean anything come September when the real season begins.

Though the Seahawks lost the game we found out that explosive rookie Tyler Lockett has a dangerous return game that will immensely help the middling Special Teams. High draft pick and rookie defensive end Frank Clark had a heck of a game too. Their respective debut performances made geniuses out of Seattle's front office.

Coach Carroll seems as energetic and experienced as ever. Russell Wilson is their franchise QB and will be for the next four years because the front office smartly signed him to a long term deal. The Seahawks also managed to add the best Tight End in football in Jimmy Graham. Their top rated defense is practically the same from last year as the almost all the starters on that side of the ball will return. Seattle has an excellent opportunity to return to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. They just need to stay healthy and keep playing well.